Holiday Shopping for Creative Kids? Check Out this Ultimate Gift Guide

by DTC Thrasio

Crafty kiddos aren’t always the easiest to shop for, and finding Christmas gifts for kids with creative tendencies can be harrowing, to say the least. As a former crafty kiddo myself, I know as well as anyone that a lame ‘art’ gift always ends up in the same places: under the bed or stuffed in the closet. But as a crafty adult, I know better. And I know what gifts are totally gonna knock your creative kids’ socks off. 

We aren’t just going to go over basic Christmas gift ideas for kids, oh no! We’re going over the different types of creative kids, what art and craft essentials these kids can actually USE, and even some toddler tips to keep your tot entertained and feeling the artistic flow!

Get out your smocks, aprons, and paper towels, folks - this blog might get messy. Especially because I’m most definitely going to talk about finger paint and other crazy crafts. But it’s all worth it, I promise! 

What Do You Buy for Creative Kids?

So let’s get this out of the way right now - there are different types of creativity, and there are very few kids in the world that are jack-of-all-trades creative. These children are unstoppable forces that should be feared and respected. For normal kids, though, it’s not so simple: some kids like to paint while others draw or craft.

I’ll make it easier to skim this article by dividing these creative gifts for kids into these 3 categories: 

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Crafting

You’ll find the top tips, kits, and suggestions for each category below. Before you know it, you’ll be the master of great gifts for creative kids!

What Do You Buy for Kids Who Like Drawing? 

This is probably the category that requires the least amount of critical thinking on your part. Yay! 

All kids who like to draw really need is a place to sketch and tools to sketch with (I’m saying this as a (former) kid who (still) likes to draw). Here is a more creative way to deliver said tools: 

Create a DIY Art Kit!

What should be in a child’s art kit? Who knows! Just kidding. I know. 

Here are the tools you’ll need to get a basic art kit started: 

  • A Crafts 4 All Drawing & Illustration Bundle. This kit has it all for the kid who draws it all. Acrylic paint pens, permanent marker pens, even liquid chalk art eraser pen markers for the rebel in your life that isn’t confined to the restrictions of A4 paper. 
  • A Set of Quality Pencils and Pencil Sharpeners. Believe it or not, normal pencils just won’t do for even the beginning artist. Quality lead is great on paper, and your kiddo will notice the difference. 
  • A Sketchbook. Obvious, but essential! Be sure to get one that can withstand heavy markers without leakage.
  • Glitter Gel Pens. Creative kids around the world love glitter. Actually, everyone loves glitter. These pens are essential for that reason. 
  • Fabric Marker Pens. There is nothing more liberating than literally making the designs on your own clothes. I know this, because I have a closet full of shirts I’ve drawn on with fabric markers. Trust me, these fabric markers for kids will make your lil one feel like a star. 

What Do You Buy for Kids Who Like to Paint?

Painting crafts for kids, if they’re good quality, can open the floodgates in your kids creative brain. Who knows, it might make them the next Picasso. Either way, paint is a super fun method of self-expression, and getting creative supplies for that expression will make your creative kid happy as a clam! 

Here are some ideas:

  • Glow in the Dark PaintOhoho, if I had this as a kid, who knows what I would have been capable of. Kids love weird goo, especially goo that glows. This is an excellent Christmas gift idea for kids who are naturally curious and love to see their work pop off the page. 
  • Watercolor. This is a great starter for the adolescent artist in your life. Get your watercolors as pens for a no mess, no stress experience, or (for the more experienced), try out these watercolor paint sets or bundles!
  • An Expert Paint Brush Set. If I was a kid, getting this set would be a gateway to a new artistic experience. Even if your kid doesn’t quite have that reaction, they’ll still be pleased to get a new set of tools to experiment with. 
  • An Easel. There is nothing that will make your kid feel more professional than having their own EASEL. Plus, it would be a great photo op. Lil’ Artist, Big Dreams! 

What Do You Buy for Kids Who Like to Craft?

This one is a little more difficult, because crafting can be pretty broad. If your creative kid has started dabbling in the art and craft environment, but hasn’t settled on one thing, try some of these ideas: 

  • A Crochet Kit for KidsCrochet for kids can be tough, but worth it. It’s a difficult skill that takes time, patience, and discipline - all good skills for your kiddo to learn! If they’re interested in the yarn arts, try this to get them started. 
  • A Yarn Storage BagThis might be better for older kids who have been at the knit or crochet game for a while. This durable bag makes string storage a breeze! 
  • Crafting String with BeadsFor the junior jewelry makers in your life, the answer is here! These don’t just make a great gift, they’re a great way to teach your kid how to make gifts for other people - it’s the perfect Christmas craft for kids!
  • Creative Cutout Scissors. Scissors with funny shapes and designs are a godsend to any child looking to up their paper-arts game. 
  • Glue and Colored Paper. Simple, yet solid. Construction paper and glue is the perfect duo for the young creative-to-be in your life. 

What About Creative Toddlers? 

Let’s not forget about the little tots in our life! Toddlers don’t often know what they want, but like pretty much whatever as long as it’s colorful and easy to put in their mouth. For those of us who have a picky painter or just a kid who isn’t about the latest toys, here are some ideas: 

What to Get a Toddler Who Doesn’t Like Toys?

  • Finger Paints! Toddlers, and I cannot stress this enough, LOVE getting their hands in something and spreading it around. Give them a creative outlet with a finger painting set that will keep them entertained for a shocking amount of time. 
  • A Face Painting Set. Let your kids put something all over their face for once that isn’t spaghetti sauce or mud. Or both. It’s a win-win! 
  • A Basic Marker Set and Paper. This is a great way to start your tot off in the art world right! 

How Do I Get My Toddler Interested in Art?

So, let’s say your kid hasn’t found their creative outlet yet, or you know they have the potential to be a real creative kid but haven’t shown as much interest. Here are some ideas to get your tot into the world of art! 

  • Take them to an art museum. You’d be surprised how inspiring actual art can be, even for a kid. Ask them questions, and, more importantly, be patient! 
  • Stock up on craft supplies. Kids are the champs of repurposing random stuff into creative creations. Make sure you have supplies at the ready. 
  • Work together. This is the most important tip. Kids love to emulate us, and if they see you working on something, they might want to join in to help, or even try on their own! 

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have at least a few good ideas for some creative Christmas gift ideas for kids in your life who have that spark. If not, don’t miss out on Craft 4 All’s incredible selection of gift ideas on our website

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor